When someone sent this to me, I thought it was a joke. Four actors pretending to be friends, telling us all about how to have a successful Windows 7 launch party. Let’s repeat that for effect :


A Windows 7  launch party.


It seems Windows is tired of being the brand of the Sheep, the operating system of Those Who Don’t Know Any Better, bless their hearts. They want us to get excited about Windows 7 and invite our friends over to persuade them of the superiority of their product.


Who do they think we are, Mac users?!? 


I’ll be honest — my computer came loaded with Vista. When the “Geek Squad” tried to sell me on their “system optimization” I smiled and said, “When I get this puppy home, I’m nuking it back to Windows XP.”


For better or for worse, Windows is something we tolerate, not celebrate.


I’ve hosted many a geeky get-together. One of them was  a Lord of the Rings party that lasted three days. People flew in from all over to dress up in costumes and party like it was the dawn of the Age of Men. The vast majority of my friends are geeks. Still, I can only imagine the looks I’d get were I to throw a Windows 7 party. 


Say what you will, but when people who are willing to go to the movies in elf ears think something is not cool, you know it’s really, really not cool.


What follows is a video so socially awkward that even I cringed at it, and I’m a veteran of many a product-driven party (Tupperware, make-up, kitchen gadgets). This video makes those parties look like fashionable salons of the Renaissance.


[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cX4t5-YpHQ 425×344]