I’m not even sure how it happened that Dr. Horrible’s  Sing-Along Blog won an Emmy. It was awarded in the “Outstanding Special Class – Short Format Live-Action Entertainment Programs” category, which sounds so strangely specific that it seems to have been manufactured for the purpose.  The win also suggests that a program doesn’t have to have ever been on television to win an Emmy.


Not that I’m complaining, because … Wow.


As any of Joss Whedon’s amazingly fanatical fans will tell you, it’s been a while in coming. He The Gentlemenwas nominated once before, for the utterly brilliant Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, “Hush.” (The brilliance of that episode lies in its back-handed petulance — everyone went on about how wonderful Mr. Whedon’s dialogue was, and so he wrote a brilliant episode in which no one can speak after the first few minutes.) 


For those of you who have somehow missed it up to now, you can watch it on Hulu at the link above or buy it on Amazon for $9.99(for those who want to see it in all its glory on a bigger screen). Or, you could post a comment over at C. A. Bridges’ Bashing in Minds, for a chance at a free DVD (he’s pulling a name at random at 9pm tonight, so be quick.)

The best part of the whole thing (other than Neil Patrick Harris being utterly wonderful as host), was Dr. Horrible’s first appearance on an actual television show aside from reports about it on entertainment news shows. Thanks to the incredible un-stinginess of Joss and Jeb Whedon and company, the Emmy clip is up on YouTube for those among us who missed the broadcast to enjoy at our leisure.


[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgJxGKBad3M 425×344]