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Windows 7 Launch Parties? O_o

 When someone sent this to me, I thought it was a joke. Four actors pretending to be friends, telling us all about how to have a successful Windows 7 launch party. Let’s repeat that for effect : A Windows 7  launch party.  It seems Windows is tired of being the brand of the Sheep, the […]

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Pandorum – We’re All Gonna Die Without Thorazine

 I had to go see Pandorum.  Sure, the release date was moved around time and time again, but the trailer had all kinds of things to interest me – outer space, some kind of scary thing, possible insanity, and so forth. The beginning premise is fairly simple.  Earth is overpopulated; we’re all gonna die; we found another planet that can support human life; this ship is our last chance at the survival of the human race.  No pressure, or anything. I will say that the very beginning part of it was terrifying to me.  And I don’t mean that in the horror movie sense – I’d compare it to the first time I saw Alien on the big screen.  It’s dark.  Technology isn’t stylized or pretty.  You know something bad is happening, but you don’t know what it is or how bad it is.  And when I saw the theater re-release of Alien, I’d already seen the movie on DVD, so it wasn’t like I didn’t know what was coming.  This time, I wasn’t so sure.  So yes, Pandorum starts out with a very Alien feel, which I enjoyed.  That sort of cinematic touch is missing from most science fiction films that have been released in the past handful of years. SOME SPOILERS FOLLOW  […]

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Magically Delicious

 Just when you thought the lunatics at Jones Soda couldn’t get any weirder (these are the people who have made soda pop in such flavor sensations as “turkey”), here comes… D&D soda.  Available in such flavors as “Illithid Brain Juice”, “Dwarven Draught”, and (my personal favorite) “Potion of Healing”.  (Admit it. You’ve wondered what it […]

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Things We Do Not Need – Part One

   There are many things we don’t need in this universe.  PETA, cockroaches, middle school box socials in the front rows of movie theaters…but there are some things that deserve their own individual mention.  Thus, I have compiled a list.  1.Saw VI – The entire trailer is made in bad CGI!  Why….oh, why.  Oh, why must you ruin what I thought was an interesting (and completed) story arc?  Jigsaw, the cool and genius villain, is dead.  Very, very dead.  A lot.    2.  Twilight Lip Venom – I have never tried regular lip venom, but I have no problem with the product in theory.  From what I understand, it’s just got cinnamon and other tingly things in it that make you feel like your lips are plumping or something like that.  So.   Okay.  That’s fine.  I don’t even have a problem with the color of this product.  I’d love to have a good red lip stain of controllable intensity, and I haven’t found one yet.  Actually, the only problems I have with this product are the word “Twilight” and a single part of the product description:   […]

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Dr. Horrible Hits the Telly at Last

 I’m not even sure how it happened that Dr. Horrible’s  Sing-Along Blog won an Emmy. It was awarded in the “Outstanding Special Class – Short Format Live-Action Entertainment Programs” category, which sounds so strangely specific that it seems to have been manufactured for the purpose.  The win also suggests that a program doesn’t have […]

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Sexual Assault Prevention Tips Guaranteed to Work!

 From very early in our lives as females, we are taught to be paranoid about our personal safety. There are classes, special talks given at college by police officers — you know the drill.  Here is a list of tips that, if followed, will prevent 100% of sexual assaults.  A big thank you to […]

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Geek of the Week: James Madison

 You know him as the Father of the Constitution,  the Father of the Bill of Rights, the fourth president of the United States (and the first U. S. president to wear trousers instead of knee breeches). Here’s something you probably didn’t know about James Madison — he was a Geek. Yeppers. A wee little geek-boy […]

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How to Save the World

 Want to save the world? Here’s how to do it: become a champion of women’s rights. Check out this NY Times article, The Women’s Crusade.  Some particularly interesting quotes from the article: “The global statistics on the abuse of girls are numbing. It appears that […]

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Facebook: The Serial Stalker of the Internets

This is how undeniably creepy Facebook has become:    After it finally loads for me, and I want to visit a particular profile page belonging to one of my “friends”, I click on the “Friends” option. It doesn’t matter what submenu you’re after in the “Friends” option, it will take you to the same page first. […]

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Resistance is Futile: I Belong to Muse

I feel for those of you who know me in real life.  If you’ve been following my thoughts during the past month, all you’ve heard about is Muse.  Muse Muse Muse!  You know that they’re my favorite band.  You know that they released a new album this week.  (The Resistance) You know that I’ve […]

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