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The Time Traveler’s Wife

 The Time Traveler’s Wife is one of my all-time favorite books. So when the movie came out, I was all excited, and then it started getting lousy reviews. Uh oh. What do you do when one of your favorite books gets turned into a movie, and all indications are […]

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More District 9 Drooling

 You may find this interesting: 10 Ways District 9 Will Change Sci-Fi Moviemaking Forever.

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I am torn between grinding my teeth and laughing delightedly

 Oh, look: ANOTHER women-discover-fandom article. But it also contains the first instance I’ve seen of the people interviewed going “Of course women are genre fans. If this is news to you, then you are either an idiot or have been living on Mars.”  So, hooray! Maybe this sort of article is on its way out.  Also, the article claims that this year’s Comic Con was 40% female–and, as I think about it, that seems about as I remember it.  Addendum:  Doubtless some of you are now thinking “Now, Nightsky, when you say that the women-discover-fandom meme is built on a raft of sexist assumptions, don’t you think you’re overstating things just a tad? Sexism, in 2009, honestly?  Among fans–generally well-educated people who have been brought up to see women as equals?” Allow me to present, in toto, a comment that appears under the above-linked article.When a girl tells me she’s a “fan” but is obviously just a fan of Twilight, I usually attempt to save her soul by recommending some of Whedon’s stuff or Gaiman’s Sandman. If she goes for it, then I’ve done my duty and fandom really will have another member of the fairer sex. If she doesn’t, well then there was just no helping her anyway!By the way, am I the only one who’s asking himself where all these hot girls were at the comicons back when I was young and single? *sigh*Totalling up the patronizing and sexist assumptions behind this statement is left as an exercise for the reader.  Mine are behind the cut, if you want to compare notes. […]

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Bra Shopping and Serendipity

 So, I’m a bit of a chesty woman.  I say “a bit” when I really mean that the kind of bra I need takes actual engineering.  By engineers.  People who went to school to understand vectors and gravity and geometry.  The sort of thing that they produce is on par with what NASA scientists […]

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

 The recent discussion of the relative merits of  Penny as a Joss Whedon lead female, I thought this might be appropriate. Thanks to Alpha Lyra for the find! This music video, done as a promotional tool for the web-based series The Guild (which also stars Felicia Day, aka Penny), made me spew my coffee.  So, […]

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    Neill Blomkamp Brings It, Sets It Down on the Table, and Opens It, Bitch!

Neill Blomkamp Brings It, Sets It Down on the Table, and Opens It, Bitch!

District 9.  Where to begin?  I suppose by emphasizing that I had very, very high expectations for this film despite the fact that it was the writer/director’s first full-length feature.  I’m not a huge fan of Peter Jackson, but I even go so far as to tip my hat to him for producing the film.  District 9 is a visual and auditory infusion of pure, unadulterated awesome.  Although I generally enjoy most movies (even awesomely bad ones…for their badness), it’s very, very difficult for a film to impress me on this level…especially when I’ve fallen in love with the marketing tactics and the teaser trailer and heard nothing but good things about the man behind it.  I saw Cloverfield simply because I liked the way it was marketed, and….well, it wasn’t bad, but it certainly wasn’t mind-blowing.  District 9 absolutely lives up to the hype.  The film is set up as a sort of after-the-fact documentary about an extraordinary event surrounding aliens who have already been on earth for twenty years. SPOILERS FOLLOW […]

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Feminism in Doctor Horrible: The Problem with Penny?

 I’ve heard feminist grumblings about Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog since it came out.  It is a bit of a puzzle: Whedon is an explicitly feminist writer, so why is the female lead: the love interest of both male leadsturned into a prize in the men’s contest of Hero vs. Villainreduced to a trophy girlfriend at […]

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On the Internet, There is No Last Call

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  I fail at people.  I have trouble understanding many of their actions and much of their reasoning.  And as I’ve admitted before, I love chat-based RPGs.  Sadly, last night I began discussing such games and the current real life states of players.  Does Internet addiction cause them to be more okay with their situations?  Do people in these situations flock to Internet interaction?  Chicken, meet egg.   We’ve all heard plenty of stories about online gaming addiction, but we haven’t all necessarily seen what it looks like through actual observation.  There are so many options in online gaming that they all probably attract a very particular set of people of their own accord.  Personally, what I’ve seen most often is people who are or have the capacity to be quite brilliant who seem to just allow Real Life to pass by them without batting an eyelash.  Of the individuals with whom I began interacting more than a decade ago, very few could be said to be putting real effort toward their lives, toward getting better jobs, toward enriching themselves as human beings.  What flips the switch to cause Internet Life to replace Real Life in importance?  I can certainly understand Internet Life being important; we’re all pretty surgically attached to the Internet by now.  We have plenty of meaningful interactions with people we’ve never met, and we often consider these people friends.  In that sense, I understand why Internet Life is important to many people, myself included.  However, ultimately Real Life should trump all, shouldn’t it?  After all…that’s where your actions really matter.  That’s where you can affect your job, your living situation, your family, and your future. {r […]

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Piracy and Fangirls

 Pirate.  Depending on you look it brings up images of Jack Sparrow and Captain Hook or four dorky looking guys in Sweden.  Or maybe bands of murderers in Somalia.  Either way the point is that piracy exists and it’s illegal, but is it the end of the world as we know it, like the […]

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