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“Tag Along” Spouse? I think not!

 Several wonderful people have blogged about the fact that women not only enjoy science fiction books and movies but that we love comics.  They usually go on to make the point that we are an invisible majority, or at least invisible equals, when it comes to fandom.  I had not really been affected by […]

The Lazy Geek’s Housekeeping Tips

  Normally, I’d choose a different title, but this one is short and to the point.  Geek ladies, myself included, are often very, very bad at keeping things organized or have an organizational system that causes their living areas to look similar to the way they will appear after the zombie apocalypse.  Living in a house with six computers, a blowtorch, five billion books, multiple gaming systems, stacks upon stacks of comic books…it can be a lot to handle!  I’m particularly lazy when it comes to trying to organize my stuff.  Here are a few things I’ve found helpful.   […]

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Advanced Cat Yodeling

  For those among us who really enjoyed the “The Engineer’s Guide to Cats” I give you this follow-up video from the same filmmaking team:  The above video is a specially edited version done for  A longer version “The Engineer’s Guide to Advanced Cat Yodeling — with Cat Polka” is also quite amusing, with much […]

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The Chicas review comic book movies: _The Rocketeer_

It’s summertime, almost Comic Con time, so let’s talk superheroes!  I propose we go around the table and talk about our favorite comic book movies.I’ll kick things off with a paen to The Rocketeer, an underrated little gem from 1991.  To set the scene, let us get into the Wayback Machine and revisit the state of movies made from comics at the time: its immediate predecessors in the film-adapted-from-comic genre were Dick Tracy (1990) and the first Batman (1989), both dark, heavily stylized, star-studded, intensely marketed blockbusters.  Neither was aimed at children.  (In fact, I–a preteen at the time–had somehow formulated the idea that comics weren’t for kids.)  […]

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The Kick-Ass Femmes of Scifi/Fantasy Poll

 We went around and around a bit, here at GeekaChicas headquarters, trying to decide on a topic for our next poll. We settled on Kick-Ass Femmes, not only because they are awesome, beloved characters, but also because they are important to us on a very personal level. When it came down to picking who to […]

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Star Trek Captain’s Poll – Results Show

 Welcome to our poll results show Chica Trek fans!This is Darth Sweetums reporting from the GeekaChica’s stadium.  What a race it has been!  I had no idea the upstanding commanders of Starfleet’s finest could be so conniving.Before I announce the FINAL SCORE let us go over some of the highlights of the race.When we […]