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Bayformers – Product Placement in Disguise

 Since we have yet to have anyone take a shot at Transformers:  Revenge of the Fallen, and since I finally managed to drag myself out to see it, I suppose I should mention a few points.  Michael Bay seems to have almost learned his lesson about the human/robot ratio.  There are far more robots doing robot things and beating the crap out of each other, buildings, wonders of the world, and such than we saw in the first movie.  There is still too much Shia LaBouf.  The entire movie wants you to buy American cars.  Except for one extremely sexy Audi that got me salivating pretty heavily.  There are plenty of shots of American companies’ logos.  Maybe “turns into giant ass-kicking robot” is a trim option on the 2010 Camaro.  It also wants you to get your insurance with State Farm, since State Farm apparently covers “acts of ancient robot artifacts” as well as “acts of household appliances that have been turned into robots.”  I can’t help it; product placement in movies always makes me chuckle.  Of course, traditional advertising is going the way of the dinosaurs, so I can’t blame anyone.  But buy State Farm just in case an alien robot descends upon your home!  […]

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_Barbie: Voyage to Rados_

 The mind, she boggles.  Spotted on woot! today: Barbie: Voyage to Rados!  In which our intrepid heroine of many talents gets trapped in what looks like Seventies-era Doctor Who!  Perpetual smiles, high heels, and all! And, per Amazon, it does seem to be an actual honest-to-goodness book. I know.  I’m surprised, too; I’d have put money […]

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Surfing for a Job

 I have always taken great pride in my work whether it was waiting tables or managing an office or being a warehouse slave.  I even tried to bring honor to being a substitute used car salesperson.  I’ve learned program after program with relative ease.  I learned the ins and outs and how to fix […]

Star Trek: Nostalgia and the Next Generation

 I’ve been kind of sleepy lately.  Part of this can be blamed on my health-conscious renaissance and the itty bits of exercise I’m getting, but most of it can be blamed on one person — Commander William T. Riker of the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC 1701-D.  That weasel and all of his compadres show up on my […]

Two Days Before The Day After Tomorrow

  Let me start by saying that I love  It’s full of entertaining posts and comments and covers more than just pop culture.  Although pop culture kinda sets itself up for this sort of thing.  My favorite of their recurring themes is “We’re All Gonna Die From Global Warming!”  Anytime this title pops up, I know what I’m about to read is going to be both informative and priceless.  Y’see friends, I have a tree-hugging older sister who thinks Michael Moore is the Messiah.  Every time the family gets together for the holidays, I have to sit through another long, loud lecture about the global warming and the trees and the Republicans and the lunar cycle and whatever the latest craptastical “documentary” happens to be.  Last holiday, it was “Wal-mart:  The High Cost of Low Prices,” which I found myself unable to sit through without the urge to fling things at the television (as often occurs during moments of severe emotional response ranging from stupid non-answers in political debates to seeing my high school lab partner on Law and Order).  At any rate, she is in love with Michael Moore and Al Gore and would probably have ten thousand of their children and then make them go plant trees in the rainforest and picket around Wal-mart’s corporate headquarters or something.  But I digress.  We’re all gonna die from global warming.  And in an effort to save us from ourselves, the House has passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act.  Said bill does some nice things.  Sort of.  It creates a bank to hand out clean energy development loans.  If put into effect, this will likely end in catastrophe.  Or have we forgotten  so quickly how well this whole “bailout” concept worked?    […]

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Welcome to the Discworld

 For all its flaws, you have to love YouTube. I mean, sure, sometimes the quality is terrible and they frequently remove videos that are clearly covered under Fair Use, but you can find almost anything there, if you’re patient enough. Some poor souls with a lot more time/skill/bandwidth than I have put up whole […]

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Inkheart: One for the Readers

 As of June 23, 2009 Inkheart was released on DVD.  Being the busy, travelling woman that I am, I missed the release and was forced to buy it a few days later.  Another few days elapsed before I could watch it.  Adapted from Cornelia Funke’s young adult novel of the same name, Inkheart was […]

*Facepalm* Gazprom/Nigeria Deal Sparks another Race!Fail among Anglophones

  Like many of you, I had a bit of a jaw-dropping moment when I saw the news, Russia’s energy giant Gazprom/Nigeria’s state operated NNPC form partnership, dubbed Nigaz. It is meant to be pronounced “Nye-gaz” and very few people in either country have any idea the fuss the name has caused among people with little […]

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    Star Wars The Old Republic – It’s a Big Universe Out There

Star Wars The Old Republic – It’s a Big Universe Out There

 As much as we all believe the story of Star Wars to be concluded (Who really believes that?  Come now.) in 2005 with the release of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (The title of which makes no sense, but don’t get me started on that.) thus closing the story and journey of Anakin […]

Judge a Book by its Cover : Fantasy

 First off, extreme thanks to new GC member, Belle, for pointing out Judge a Book by its Cover — a fabulous blog I had somehow missed! It’s had me in stitches all day. Not only does the blogger work in a public library, thus being exposed to the horrors of many cheesy covers, but […]

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