As some of you may recal, some time ago I shared a clip of Darth Jackson on Britain’s Got Talent dragging his low energy self through a version of Thriller. That was both fun and a tad embarrassing, a case of more guts than glory, which isn’t a bad way to live life, if you ask me.


Still, unbeknownst to me, there seem to be quite a few dancing Sith Impersonators out there, usually accompanied by hordes of dancing Stormtroopers. That is not necessarily a bad thing.


Also, I’m pretty sure those armor shells are not the best dance attire, because fiber glass (or various polymers, depending) are not what you call ‘breathable’ materials.


In any case, we can now add MC Hammer Vader to the list of funky Sith, and although it’s difficult to see his moves on account of the billowing cape, I’d still rate him a cut above poor Darth Jackson.


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