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    Brand New Book Alert: Sherwood Smith Wraps Up The Inda Series

Brand New Book Alert: Sherwood Smith Wraps Up The Inda Series

 If I had to pick any day of the week to be assigned as the ‘Geek Sabbath’, it would have to be Tuesdays.  Don’t you think?  Most new releases of books, DVDs, or a long-awaited album land on Tuesdays, which is why most of us look forward to them so much.  This Tuesday is a great […]

Rape and Romance Novels

  Check out this article: Why Young Readers Don’t Like Romance Novel Rapists. It’s talking about romance novels of the 70’s, which often involved “forced seduction” (a.k.a. rape) of the heroine by the hero. Apparently young readers tend to mock these novels now, a fact which romance novelist Moriah Jovan laments. But I think it’s a good thing. Below the cut, I’ll discuss why I think such novels were appealing to readers in the 70s, why they are less appealing today, and why I think that represents progress. This post might not be safe for work. Question #1 is why rape fantasy is appealing to women at all. Despite some rapists’ claims that “she asked for it,” I will state the obvious: women do not want to be raped. So why does rape turn up so often in female sex fantasies? Two reasons, to the best of my knowledge (this is a subject it’s hard to get much information about): […]

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The Collectible Conundrum

 I still remember the day when my dear sister unveiled her Shuttlecraft Galileo ornament, complete with the little button that, when pressed, played a recording of Leonard Nimoy’s voice saying,”Shuttlecraft to Enterprise, Shuttlecraft to Enterprise. Spock here. Happy Holidays. Live Long and Prosper.” We had a proper little Geek-out, complete with Spock-love squee.  Soon it had become a regular part of her holiday  shopping — buying the next geektastic Keepsake Ornament from Hallmark. I gradually distanced myself from this practice, smiling and squeeing politely over her latest acquisition, but not truly coveting them. I even giggled when people made jokes about those geek tree ornaments, never mentioning that my sister owned the lot of them. I’m here to tell you, friends and neighbors, the joke is on me. These collectibles have proved to be a smarter investment than most retirement funds. Not just the ornaments, either. She has painted plates and toys and a replica of Indiana Jones’ hat. She has an honest-to-goodness bat’leth on display over the head of her bed.  (I admit to having a soft spot in my heart for bladed weapons, a feeling which my dear sister appears to share.) Her investment strategy has worked out well. Basically, she buys only what genuinely pushes her buttons. Some have increased in value considerably, and some have not, but she loves them all. Thing is, being her sister and knowing the placement of her buttons as I do, this makes finding the perfect either very simple, or extremely difficult. The difficulty arises when  I find the perfect thing for her, but have to devise ways to prevent her from buying it for herself without giving away that I’m getting it for her. Hence to my current dilemma.  A Deadly Duel, or Han Solo dressed as a stormtrooper?  […]

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    Geek Dance Party: Girlfriends Aren’t Like Pokemon – You Don’t Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Geek Dance Party: Girlfriends Aren’t Like Pokemon – You Don’t Gotta Catch ‘Em All

  So here’s a fun topic:  infidelity.  Now…most of us don’t think that geek guys are the type to cheat.  After all, you’d think they’d be happy enough to find someone, much less someone who shares their interests  and experiences.  This knowledge makes us feel more secure in our relationships – which should include trust, anyway.  With or without trust, there’s no need to be an idiot.  Being an idiot leads to a perfectly lovely geek lady turning down countless offers from countless painfully attractive suitors and wasting two years of her life seeing an apparently harmless, intelligent, though somewhat distant racecar driver turned rocket scientist only to find out after having thrown him out and taken him back once that he in fact has a fiancée and at least one other girlfriend a mere three weeks before his wedding day.  Not that I speak from experience, or anything.  Fortunately, this particular area is one in which geek ladies have several advantages over the general population.  One of the most important is that generally, geek women are far less catty toward other women and far more likely to team up with them.  Geek women are much more likely to place the blame where it belongs – on the cheating bastard – than start up a slap-fest with the other woman as though that’s somehow going to change history.    […]

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Drink Me: The New ‘Alice’ Preview Shows Freaky Promise

 I don’t even have words for how wonderfully bizarre and creepy this looks.  It’s also a fine example of a trailer that doesn’t give away the best bits of the film it is meant to advertise. As far as actual content goes, I suppose the jury is still out. It has a definitive look […]

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More Dancing Vader

 As some of you may recal, some time ago I shared a clip of Darth Jackson on Britain’s Got Talent dragging his low energy self through a version of Thriller. That was both fun and a tad embarrassing, a case of more guts than glory, which isn’t a bad way to live life, if […]

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    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, or the Best of the Bunch

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, or the Best of the Bunch

 My challenge in writing this review is to stay calm.  Calm calm calm.  It would be so easy to go crazy with the caps lock of excitement and the misspellings of apoplexy.  But I won’t do that.   I will breathe in and breathe out.  I loved this movie. (calm)  A lot. (breathe)  Look!  I’m doing […]

Travel with (digital) confidence

Checking your e-mail at a coffee shop: good idea or terrible idea?  What about tweeting from a hostel’s Internet kiosk?  Want to work on your slashfic at your parents’ house without leaving incriminating smut on your mom’s computer?  Let’s talk about techno-security on the road.First, let me issue a blanket proscription on doing your online banking, stock trading, or anything of vital importance over a computer or network that you don’t trust.  I’ll call these important sites.  For the rest–sites with comparatively less ability to destroy your life, e.g. your webmail, your social networking–let’s discuss some risk reduction.  Security is all about raising the bar.  Assume that a sufficiently motivated, skilled, and funded attacker can always defeat you.  Your goal is not to make it impossible to hack you; it’s to make it not worth their time.  Attackers are lazy–there’s easy pickings out there–so let’s make it hard for them.  Let’s make it hard enough that nobody bothers you.  […]

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Geek Dance Party – Women Don’t Like Sand Either, Anakin

  So we do a lot of talk here about how women are assumed to be the very big exception to the rule when we in fact are not.  Tag-along spouses to conventions, the (supposedly) endangered species of female gamer, the well-nigh extinct female action movie junkie, and so forth.  However, this particular issue is one which is not limited solely to the geek population, though it likely applies more often in this demographic than in others.  Many of us are familiar with these sentiments, having likely heard them many a time from various males:  “Nice guys finish last.”  “Women always go for the assholes.  Why can’t they see how much better I would be for them?”  “Why doesn’t she notice me?!”  I begin my explanation with several examples of the sorts of events which have conditioned us to be wary of “nice guys” (not to be confused with actual nice guys) because of the potential for us to end up in very, very unfortunate situations.   […]

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Blame It

 Most of us are, in one way or another, feeling the pinch of the times we’re living in. Here’s an insanely catchy tune for the times, no matter where you lay your head. (Brought to my Midday Fluff- posting self by our own lovely Pearce.)   

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