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Geek Girl’s Guide to Travel

 It’s starting.  Spouses, siblings, friends and parents are starting to eye you up.  Not for anything nefarious, or at least nothing more than the usual nefarious things they eye you up for, but because they’re trying to figure out how to get you away from that computer and into a plane/train/automobile for some “vacation.”  […]

Breaking! Doctor Who at Comic Con

Considering how the Torchwood panel three years ago was standing room only–for a series that had yet to premiere in the US–and all they had present was a handful of writers and producers, THIS ought to be entertaining.David Tennant, Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner, Euros Lyn,*and* John Barrowman are ALL coming to ComicCon.Fans can visit […]

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The Geeky Woman’s Guide to Comic Con

For those of you late to this party, Comic Con is an enormous convention that is theoretically devoted to American comics, but that over the past ten-ish years has become the de facto Big Genre Convention.  Geek idol Joss Whedon is a confirmed devotee.  Cool stuff gets announced there.  Cool stuff gets premiered there.  And you can be around to watch!   Case in point: a musical episode of Batman: The Brave And Bold, with Neil Patrick Harris as the singing villain, is being shown on Friday this year.  I think I speak for all of us when I say, “Aw, hell yes!” Now.  All this may be academic to those of you who haven’t already bought tickets, because the entire con is now sold out. But, for those of you who’ve taken the plunge and are all abrim with nervous excitement… read on! […]

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Story Writing 101 – The Taking of Pelham 123

I love heist movies in general, and I was looking forward to this movie.  I have no idea how the book is, so I can’t make a comparison on that front.  I am almost always disappointed by movies based on books, so it’s probably a good thing that I never even knew such a […]

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The Girl’s Guide to Comic Con

Are you psyched for Comic-Con?  I am!  It’ll be my third year going, and this year I am taking a 14-year-old to his very first convention.  Yes, as conventions go, it’s a huge impersonal funfair–as opposed to, say, Gallifrey One, which is like a family reunion with costumes–but it can’t be beat for star […]

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Q: What is GeekaChicas? A: GeekaChicas is a website specifically for that rarest of all internet creatures, the female geek.   Q: Who are the GeekaChicas writers?  A: If the partly fictitious bios on the About Us page didn’t satisfy your curiosity, let me just […]

Friday Fantasia

 I have the best, most fun friends, ever. They’re always showing me cool, interesting or hilarious things.  So today I thought, why not spread the love? Let’s start off with a hilarious story that has been making the rounds of the Internet  since its publication in the most recent issue of Lone Star Stories. Of […]

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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Ever the last one on the proverbial bandwagon, I have finally gotten my hands on Joss Whedon’s between-smash-tv-shows-and-writer’s-strike-imposed lull, pet internet project, “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”.  And it’s Whedon for another win.  While I never really cared for Buffy or Angel, I am a huge fan of Firefly and Serenity, […]

How to Buy like a Geek

 How often has this happened to you?  You’ve decided you’re buying something new.  You’ve been good, you deserve a little treat.  So you go down to the Best Buy (I totally only pick on them because they’re the only ones left) and you’re just overwhelmed.  There are all sorts of cameras.  Cameras that can […]

Up! Pixar PWns Everyone. Again.

I don’t usually like to admit that I’m full of crap.  You know, it’s just a little too humbling and humiliating especially if I do it on the interwebs for all of the cyber world to see.But I really believed myself a couple months ago when I described my growing admiration for other 3D […]