Neill Blomkamp was originally considered back when the Powers That Be decided it would be a good idea to make a Halo movie.  And I could’ve sworn I saw teaser trailers for said movie and was overwhelmed by the awesome.  Apparently, Blomkamp is now off the project, which is on neverending hold…much like what happens when you attempt to get a Pizza Hut manager on the phone to tell them that they sent you a pizza with spoiled fruit.  At any rate, he’s now responsible for the upcoming District 9, for which I must say the marketing as far as the trailers are concerned is fantastic.


So who is this guy?  What should we expect from him?  Thanks to the powers of the Internet, I’ve discovered that apparently he’s directed short films and a few advertisements thus far.  He won an award in Cannes in 2008 for his Halo web commercial, which may or may not have been linked to my belief that I’d seen a teaser trailer on the big screen.  The point is, this seems to be the man’s first big “Hollywood” project, and I already have high expectations of him.


I eagerly anticipate the theater release of District 9.  The teaser trailer had me hooked from the beginning.  I’m not going to mince words:  I was bouncing up and down in my seat trying not to SQUEE! and end up ejected from the movie.  This sort of film seems right up my alley.  It’s got some interesting dystopian touches.  It’s got aliens.  It’s got grit.  I love anything involving the global reaction to extraterrestrial visitors (as long as I pretend that the Day the Earth Stood Still remake was just a horrible nightmare I came up with to torture myself).  And I also love moral ambiguity.  Good guys?  Bad guys?  As long as it’s not flat-out “evil aliens vs. good and helpless humans,” I am a very happy camper.


Thanks to a friend of mine, I have discovered this Youtube video which…honestly just gives me more hope.


[video: 425×344]


I am fiercely brand loyal with everything from denim to automobiles to hairstylists.  Blomkamp has captured my attention and has the opportunity to earn my unyielding fandom with this single feature film.  No pressure, or anything.


That short film thrilled me so much, I went in search of the teaser trailer and embedded it below. I have to agree with Pearce — this looks like the shizzat ~The Management


[video: 425×344]