Attention, parents: have you seen the kind of child-rearing Pixel Chick confessed to in the Buffy vs. Edward post?  Time to correct some of that politically-correct nonsense… with “What Shall I Be?: The Board Game For Career Girls”!


Apparently they made two versions, in 1966 and 1976.  The 1966 one is irredeemably awful.  The 1976 version still has a lot of WTF?-ness, but I must admit I kinda like the icon of the woman attending college (right-hand column, middle picture):

 1976-era art of women in six careers (top to bottom, left to right): a Lawyer in a purple skirt suit (the lone Black woman in the set) a woman in a do-rag, jeans and boots who went to Drama School to become a Director; a presumably female astronaut who went to Flight Training School; a woman in a sharp pink outfit and hipster hornrim glasses who went to College to become a Commentator; a woman in equestrian gear, posing next to a horse, who went to Riding Academy to become a Jockey; and a green-clad, green-masked Surgeon operating on a patient.

 So retro-geeky!


The lawyer icon isn’t bad, either.