Today is a very special day!  ÜberWench, our Webmistress of Awesome is celebrating the anniversary of her arrival on the planet.  It was just a few Terran years ago and quite an auspicious event! 


I thought of offering an ode all by myself, but then I thought of all of YOU.  I think we can do great things together.  If you’d like to wish ÜberWench a happy birthday, just comment on this post and leave her a gift.  What kind of gift? you ask.  Well, the gift that keeps on giving — The gift of Man Candy.


You can also tell her nice things about how much you love this website and how it’s completely changed your life and helped you to throw off the fetters of traditionalism and become a true geek…


But it’s really about the Man Candy.  Just insert an image or a link into your comment, and bing!  There you go!  I begin the offerings with some geeky sizzliciousness:

Jason Isaacs

 Jason Isaacs is well known for playing various baddies, but most recently plays Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies.  Darth Sweetums and I have heard him use the phrase ‘Awesome Ninja Wandage’ in DVD extras which, needless to say, upped his sexy quotient considerably.


I think this will be the best birthday ever!