Buffy The Vampire slayer

I’ve been introducing my family’s next generation to the joys of Buffy the Vampire slayer, slowly but surely working our way through the seasons, giggling over witty dialogue and crazy/fun characters.


It has been some years since my oldest (a boy, in case you’d wondered) proclaimed Hayao Miyazaki his favorite director because “he’s not afraid to tell stories about girls that do things.”


In other words, stories that have girls in them who don’t simply moon about over some boy or blunder into trouble so they can be rescued. Which, I was pleased to learn, is a form of entertainment we both detest with fiery passion.


Now, he’s discovered yet another hero in the form of Joss Whedon. A geeky mom couldn’t be prouder, I tell you. I could go on about how the new, sparkly take on the vampire myth has transformed one of our culture’s most enduring and evocative monsters into a My Little Pony with fangs, but I’m going to let Rebellious Pixels on blip.tv  show you, instead.


One video mashup is worth a thousand words: