As this blog and site is basically dedicated to the female nerd and/or geek when I read through this article I felt that it was incredibly applicable to the audience we have here.


 FIREFOX NEWS: Women Read Comics, And Other Things You Never Knew
by: Merlin Missy


“Women like comics. Girls like comics. And science fiction. And fantasy. And action flicks. And dramas. And comedies. And sports. And Dungeons & Dragons. And WoW. And every other genre out there with the sole possible exception of whatever the hell genre Manswers qualifies as. The biggest football fan I ever knew was a female chemist I worked with in New Mexico. I was dragged into comics by the recommendations of a woman who alternates between considering Dick Grayson a woobie and wanting to jump his bones. “

[See full article through the above link.] 


The only issue I personally have with this article is that she states she is  long time Star Trek fan yet uses the word “Trekkie” to express that.  I’ve been a fan almost since I was born and I’ve always been told that the Olde Time Trek fans are referred to as “Trekkers”.  But I digress.  That is for a completely different post entirely.

Amen, Merlin!