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Web Site Story

 This video came to my attention via my buddy Stevil, who can generally be counted on to bring the funny. He also has a knack for predicting the future, as he told me that when he saw it, he thought of GeekaChicas. So here you have it, another prophecy fulfilled! ( Sorry about the extra […]

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Passwords, Fiber and the City of Bozeman

 I once had a guy ask me what a Social Engineering Specialist was.  I frowned, as I was on a plane and thought this was a pretty random question until I remembered what I was wearing and smiling I turned my back on him.  He laughed, and nodded.  My shirt was from and […]

A first look into Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’

I thought that I was excited to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  I am.  I am quite looking forward to it.  It’s one of the only fantasy film offerings this year that’s worth my time.  I’ve been kind of gleeful and I’ve posted pictures and squee over at my blog now and then.  […]

Neill Blomkamp, Bring Us Your Awesome

 Neill Blomkamp was originally considered back when the Powers That Be decided it would be a good idea to make a Halo movie.  And I could’ve sworn I saw teaser trailers for said movie and was overwhelmed by the awesome.  Apparently, Blomkamp is now off the project, which is on […]

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 I can really relate to today’s xkcd. I totally go to my happy place at parties when that happens (though it’s worth noting that my happy place isn’t math-related).  

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What Shall I Be?

 Attention, parents: have you seen the kind of child-rearing Pixel Chick confessed to in the Buffy vs. Edward post?  Time to correct some of that politically-correct nonsense… with “What Shall I Be?: The Board Game For Career Girls”! Apparently they made two versions, in 1966 and 1976.  The 1966 one is irredeemably awful.  The 1976 […]

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Whack the piƱata and see all the man candy!

Today is a very special day!  ÜberWench, our Webmistress of Awesome is celebrating the anniversary of her arrival on the planet.  It was just a few Terran years ago and quite an auspicious event!   I thought of offering an ode all by myself, but then I thought of all of YOU.  I think we can […]

What You Think You Know about Columbine is Wrong

 Columbine, by Dave Cullen  I’ve never taken much interest in the Columbine massacre or other school shootings, partly because they’re so depressing and partly because I don’t like that media coverage makes celebrities out of murderers. However, when I saw Janet Reid’s review of this new book about Columbine, I had to read it. It appears that most of what we think we know about Columbine is wrong. The myth of Columbine is that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were bullied outcasts who got revenge on the jocks and popular kids. So they were meting out a kind of misguided, vigilante justice. Turns out, it’s not true. Eric and Dylan were not outcasts; they appear to have had average popularity. They did not lack friends or social contact. Their journals contain no accounts of being bullied. They do contain much bragging about how they themselves picked on “freshmen and fags.” Eric and Dylan also routinely went on “missions” where they vandalized the homes of kids they didn’t like. Eric and Dylan weren’t bullied. They were the bullies. When a tragedy like Columbine happens, we want to explain it in terms that make sense. The shooters were bullied outcasts getting revenge. Violent videogames twisted their minds. Bad parenting sent them down the wrong path. If we can assign the tragedy an external cause, then we feel a sense of control. We can prevent future tragedies, if only we implement some anti-bullying programs, or ban violent video games. Unfortunately, the root cause of Columbine appears to be something not readily controllable. The root cause is that Eric Harris was born a psychopath. […]

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Buffy vs. Edward

 I’ve been introducing my family’s next generation to the joys of Buffy the Vampire slayer, slowly but surely working our way through the seasons, giggling over witty dialogue and crazy/fun characters.  It has been some years since my oldest (a boy, in case you’d wondered) proclaimed Hayao Miyazaki his favorite director because “he’s not […]

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Women are Nerds Too!

 As this blog and site is basically dedicated to the female nerd and/or geek when I read through this article I felt that it was incredibly applicable to the audience we have here.  FIREFOX NEWS: Women Read Comics, And Other Things You Never Knewby: Merlin Missy “Women like comics. Girls like comics. And science fiction. And […]