*Some Minor Spoilers* 


It is unfortunate that the promotion of Terminator Salvation was first tainted by that four minute long, raging, obscenity throwing, tantrum as thrown by Christian Bale on the set of said film, which caused all fans of all genres to wince, cringe, and sigh out of embarrassment for Bale by proxy.  I say that because Terminator Salvation is a good film.  In fact, I believe it deserves “awesome” status.  And guess what, Christian Bale is good in it too! 


So, it is 2018, after Judgment Day and the human race are at war with the, dreaded machines born and raised by Skynet, the worlds first AI, apparently gone wrong.  I know I am not the only fan to say “Finally!” in regards to the plotline of this film.  I know I’m not the only fan who has been curious to see the beginnings of this story which happen to occur in the future. 


I for one, was getting tired of the young John Connors running around, whining at us because frankly, though I enjoyed Terminator 2 I had a difficult time believing that any kid who remotely resembled Eddie Furlong as he was in that movie would grow up to be suddenly kick ass and be the last hope of the human resistance and thus the human race.  If I had been the Arnold!Terminator in that film, I would have shot him anyway and taken my chances with Linda Hamilton.  It’s a painfully close comparison to Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars actually.  That’s how much he annoyed me.


First off, I’m going to make a check list that this movie had to bring to us fans as it was finally about the grown up John Connor and the actual war we’ve been hearing about.


1)John Connor is hot – check


2)John Connor is the leader of the human resistance – no but it is explained and I’ll get to that. *waggles eyebrows*


3)References to the old films – double check on that.  It was quite clever in fact.


4)Eye popping and brain exploding effects and sequences – check


5)Origination of Kyle Reese as we already know John Connor’s – check


6)Acceptable plot that leads decently into and from the other films – check


7)John Connor sends Kyle Reese back in time – nopers – Heh, I know.


If I think of more I’ll add them to the list.


So #1.  John Connor is played by the beautiful and delovely Christian Bale. Even though the only reason I’d ever approach that man on the street or anywhere would be because he unknowingly dropped a bottle of his anxiety meds on the sidewalk and I was returning them, it goes without saying – the man is beautiful and has a fantastic speaking voice.  But he is one that I’m perfectly satisfied with admiring from afar.


            This is a prequel even though it’s set in the future (How awesome IS that really?) and that means, essentially that we get to see the progress of this heroic character as an adult.  So no, the movie doesn’t start with Connor in charge, and rightly so.  It makes complete sense.  He’s a leader of a base or a squadron or whatever you want to call them but he’s not even at the command center of the human resistance. 


But of course, he’s still a legend from the stories and so people listen to him, people who haven’t even met him listen to his voice over radio transmissions and that brings them hope.  It was amazing to finally see how much faith the human race put in him.  John Connor doesn’t get put as the head of the resistance until the end of the film.  Not even then, officially, actually. 


Also, to address #7, there is no time travel. *gasp!* I KNOW!  Personally, I always speculated that the humans figured out what the machines were doing with the T-800 (Arnold) and stole the time travel technology from the machines as they were the ones that came up with it first.  But that wasn’t the focus of this film at all, which was a little disappointing but also exciting because now we know that we’ll get at least one more movie out of it!



The T-800s are brand spanking new in this time frame.  They scare the crap out of John Connor and the gang because of how real they are.  It is so much fun to see the progress of what they constantly referred to in the other films, which leads me into #3.


That is what makes me happy.  It’s what made me happy with Star Trek as well.  All of the references and sort of inside fan things that have been associated with the franchise for decades were hinted at and references in this film from the actual heart pounding Terminator “theme” of sorts in the opening credits to the famous line, “Come with me if you want to live,” to the tapes that we see Sarah Connor making for her son in T2.  (And yes, it was Linda Hamliton’s voice.  Hah!)


I hadn’t been expecting half of what they managed to put in there and it was all greatly appreciated and a very nice surprise when they did show up.  It knitted it all together for me and made this film an official part of the Terminator ‘verse.


The camera work and effects were brilliant of course.  There was lots of “scary” in this film as the little boy who was sitting next to my sister could tell you.  He couldn’t have been more than seven years old.  It’s called a BABY SITTER people!  The poor thing was freaked out from the very first sequence. Hell, I was freaked out.  “HOLY CRAP! It’s got Connor’s LEG!  Kick it!  Kick it, John!  No, kick it in the HEAD you moron!” 


I’ll have to go and see it again before I can name my favorite sequence in the film, and there were quite a few, but the way everything was portrayed, machines and human vehicles alike, was fantastic and realistic too actually.  As noted by my sister in the theater, the Mythbusters would be proud because they did not ignite an entire gas truck by just shooting it with a bullet.  Just thought I’d note that.


Sometimes the dusty, grimy sort of filter they used in the photography made some of the shots look just slightly off but in all, it was very well done.  And scary!


I think the one person – okay, there are two people I really appreciated in this film besides the given (Christian Bale and Sam Worthington as Marcus) are Anton Yelchin (Kyle Reese) and Bryce Dallas Howard (Kate Connor).  Yelchin was spot on in his performance, really channeling what’s his name from the first film.  Though he didn’t strike me as obnoxious with bunny teeth so that was a bonus.  I know, I’m a crappy judgmental fan, but all I can say is that it’s TRUE!


The fact that he was a civilian first just defending his own part of the country before becoming an official resistance fighter makes his character even more awesome in my mind.  He was just a kid but took charge and kept his hope.  And kudos to him and Christian Bale for their scenes together!  Oh!  I had ALWAYS wanted to see that and I finally got a taste of it – John Connor meeting the man who would become his father.  Connor already knows everything and Reese is completely clueless.  It was brilliant!  And we’re going to get more, which will be equally as awesome.


Bryce Dallas Howard – I just love you, woman.  I love you in everything you’re in and this was no exception.  The character was not only just beautiful and a good match for Christian Bale’s Connor but she was useful and not annoying.  Yay!  I really liked the two of them and I’d love to see them both in other stuff together.  It just fits.  Oh!  Maybe she can be in the next Batman!  Catwoman…or somebody!  *happily toys with idea for the next week*


I have been at the movie theater every single weekend this entire month.  First was Wolverine, then 17 Again and Star Trek, then Star Trek AGAIN, and this past weekend was Terminator Salvation.  I can honestly say that I have not been disappointed once – even with Zac Effron.  Oh snap!  Well, with Wolverine I was expecting a below par script, massive loopholes, and Hugh Jackman in fantastically fitting jeans and lovely wind catching hair.  So no, I wasn’t disappointed…they just fit him so well don’t you think?  Whew.


This has been a great kick off to the summer movie season.  In fact, it’ll probably go downhill from here so go and check out Terminator Salvation.  I know it’s gotten mixed reviews.  Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.  This is mine.  Check it out so you can form your own.  It’s got all the aspects of an awesome sci-fi film – great actors, good story, awesome effects, scary villains, heart pounding action sequences, and an open ending for more in the future!


I’m excited because it definitely will be back!

(I couldn’t resist.)