In my search for good pictures of Damian Lewis’ hair as it appears in the Shakespeare Retold version of Much Ado that Laura and I watched last night, I ran onto a fantastic blog.  Shakespeare and Film. Its author is a college professor who teaches lots of cool Shakespeare classes including ‘Shakespeare and Cooking,’ and ‘Shakespeare and Film.’ What he does in this blog is yammer on and on about all the places that Shakespeare shows up in TV and film.


He also comments on various and sundry productions of plays around the world.


What I love is that he points out what’s really great about the way writers use Shakespeare in other plots. He posted about the Julius Ceasar rap from Bill Cosby. He compares the Olivier and Branagh versions of Henry V (along with many others), and last and most importantly, he had a Star Trek week where he blogged about Shakespeare in Star Trek. (See here, here, here, here, and here for just a few of the zillions of posts about Star Trek. I think he’s obsessed with Star Trek. And he probably shows all these clips in his classes!!) It’s AWESOME! He includes little video clips of everything he blogs about, so it’s especially easy to see what he’s getting at. Yay! Good fun. It’s nice to have something new to read.

(Update: Speaking of something new to read….erm….there are no words. Well, there are no English words. I remember hearing about this way back, but to actually see it and then to see that it’s on a website called The Klingon Language Institute dedicated to stuff translated into Klingon with a .org web address. … Speechless.)