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The Magic Thief Series

 One night last fall, my son came running into my bedroom at 10:30pm, well past his bed time. He should have been asleep for some time, but he had stayed up late reading, his little reading light too small to give him away with a telltale light beneath the door. He just had to […]

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It’s Back! Terminator Salvation

*Some Minor Spoilers*  It is unfortunate that the promotion of Terminator Salvation was first tainted by that four minute long, raging, obscenity throwing, tantrum as thrown by Christian Bale on the set of said film, which caused all fans of all genres to wince, cringe, and sigh out of embarrassment for Bale by proxy.  I […]

A GeekaChicas Guide to Online Dating

 I recently became single again, after a 6 year relationship with a very nice, but not-so-good-for-me guy. I’d been ready to breakup for awhile before I actually did, and the breakup itself was amicable and pretty freaking healthy. So, I was ready to start dating again sooner than most people […]

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You Can Use The Force

 Excuse me while I geek out for a moment. *EEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeEEEEEeeep* Okay, I’m back now. *whew*  The above picture is of a new toy called The Force Trainer. It’s an EEG/neurofeedback controlled toy. You wear the headset and concentrate on making a little ball float up in the tube, powered by fans beneath the base that […]

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The New Star Trek’s Divine Pantheon

              At this point, nearly two weeks since opening weekend, most everyone has had their say about Star Trek.  So it is with hesitation that I add my weak voice to the chorus of whole-hearted and unalloyed praise being shouted up to the great Star Trek Gods.  After all, I have only the credentials […]

A Sneak Peek into Windows 7

 On May 7, just two days after it was released I downloaded and installed Windows 7 RC 1.  This would be the mostly almost finished version of Windows 7, the successor of the horribly inefficient Windows Vista.  While some might say that I’m unfit to review a Windows product after my thrashing of Windows […]

The Zombie Survival Guide

Tapping into the current zombie zeitgeist, my son recently begged me to let him buy this book. Now, it is worth mentioning that he does not watch zombie movies — he’s eleven — but he is familiar with a couple of the zombie games out there. Really, you’d have to be living under a […]

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Share the Blog Love

  In my search for good pictures of Damian Lewis’ hair as it appears in the Shakespeare Retold version of Much Ado that Laura and I watched last night, I ran onto a fantastic blog.  Shakespeare and Film. Its author is a college professor who teaches lots of cool Shakespeare classes including ‘Shakespeare and Cooking,’ […]

GeekaChicas Announcement

Greetings! Due to some software updates and the like, GeekaChicas will be inactive this weekend, and possibly down for some of that time as well. We should be able to return to our regularly scheduled programming next week. Until then, please enjoy this Trektastic goodness:

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How Fringe Won Me Over

  In the beginning, Fringe set us up with FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham and her boyfriend, Special Agent Jughead (Okay, that’s not his name, but his head looks like a jug to me), who were called in on the case when some sort of weird terrorist attack mostly […]

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