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Plants vs. Zombies

 From PopCap Games, the company that gave us the incredibly addicting Peggle and Peggle Nights (among others), has scheduled a release of their new game, Plants vs. Zombies May 5th.  To advertise it, they released an incredibly catchy music video, shown below, that has had me humming to myself and giggling intermittently for days.  […]

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iTouch, so much more than just a Digital Audio Player

 Due to a very sad set of circumstances, I’ve gone through not one, but three digital audio players in the last two years. Two were Creative and one was an Apple. The latest, when my Creative Zen ran away from home on the night of the Inauguration, gave me the opportunity to […]

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Michael Bay’s Just Gotta Be Michael Bay

You want a real "just be yourself" story?  Let’s look at Michael Bay’s Transformers movies.  Granted, we’ve only seen the trailers for the second, but I mean…come on, it’s pretty clear someone let the man off his leash.  The first Transformers, I spent the entire time wondering why I should give a crap about Shy Douche dying (aside from secretly rooting for it so he would get off the damn screen for more robots), becoming physically uncomfortable at the attempted character development, and finally discovering that apparently, Transformers have a kinky, voyeuristic side.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to sit through it again, but at some point, I suppose I’ll get a bottle of whiskey and try to time the actual ROBOTS EFFING STUFF UP to I AM MICHAEL BAY AND I SWEAR I CAN DO CHARACTERS AND STUFF ratio.  I’m sure it will make us all cry and die a little inside.  […]

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Young Miles

 Young Miles, by Lois McMaster Bujold In my opinion, anyone writing character-based fantasy or science fiction should be reading Bujold for research purposes if nothing else, because she is the master. I’ve heard her books described as SFF/romance hybrids, but I really don’t think they are, at least not […]

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In The Name of Burt Reynolds:How Uwe Boll Made My Day

 It wasn’t intentional. Netflix popped up In The Name of the King as a recommendation for me, and I thought what the hell – Jason Statham, fantasy, two great tastes that taste great together. Prior to popping the disc in the DVD player, I IMDb’d it, as is my habit. (It saves me a lot of "Who is that?" distraction during the movie.) Imagine my shock and awe when I discovered the director was Uwe Boll! I’ve never seen a Uwe Boll movie before – this could be good!  My friends, it was not just good, it was comedy gold.  The following contains what are technically spoilers, however, I don’t honestly think you can be spoiled for this movie – it’s just that awful.   […]

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Never Break What You Can’t Fix or Never Fix What You Can’t Break

 I’m a software geek. My bachelor’s degree is in information systems and I’m currently working as a system administrator for the US Embassies around the world. I play with a lot of different computer systems. I like it. It’s a hobby and it’s fun. I poke and prod at […]

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