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“Star Trek” has higher pre-sales than “Wolverine”

 According to The Holywood Reporter,  the new Star Trek has sold 25% more advance tickets that X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which opens next weekend. The pre-sales for the Star Trek movie are skewing older — news which leaves the whole of fandom falling over with un-surprise.  (Like, we really needed your statistics to tell us that, dudes.) Still, things don’t look bad for Wolverine (starring sexy monkey Hugh Jackman). The X-Men movie’s pre-sales are trending higher than they did for Iron Man, which opened on the same weekend in 2008, even though pirates managed to sneak a pre-release copy of the film (with unfinished FX) onto the web several weeks ago.  (I don’t believe the pirates have hurt the movie all that much. Most people geeky enough download it probably watched it while perfecting their Gambit costume for the midnight showing party, and the rest have to know that seeing it on the big screen with complete effects has to be better than squinting at your monitor wondering what was supposed to happening in the unfinished bits.) Only time will tell which movie will make more money, but I’m going to bet there’ll be a lot of geeks’ hard-earned bucks being spent at the cineplex in the next month, one way or another. […]

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Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop! (for the Wii)

 We don’t have an XBox in our household – raising children while being poor doesn’t quite equate up-to-date gaming. Nevertheless, we managed to purchase a Nintendo Wii a couple of months after it was released. We’ve known about Dead Rising for awhile, and were quite excited to hear that it […]

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Happy Birthday, Circus Boy

 Today we take time out of our busy schedules to honor a real-life Geek Boy extraordinaire — a Ph.D. candidate in chemistry, and all-around good guy. Happy Birthday, Rider, and congratulations on being our very first Geek of the Week! (Rider seen here as Tony Stark, accompanied by GeekaChicas’ own Pearce).  Make the most of your special day!      […]

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Confessions of a Book Addict: Sherwood Smith’s Crown Duel

  I have a problem on my hands.  I’m poor.  ‘Poor?’ you ask snidely.  ‘We’re all poor, you nitwit!’  True.  But I’m also a book whore.  All of you poor book whores out there know that these two qualities are constantly at odds with one another.  The fact is, I just can’t bring myself to buy a book if it’s more than $10 a crack. This usually leaves me with a bookshelf of paperbacks and used books.  I actually like that a lot.  My books have personality and can be described as ‘well-loved’ or, if you’re less creative, ‘tattered.’  This works for me just fine.   Until I’m stuck in the middle of a saga — an amazing saga – and the next book is new enough that the paperback version isn’t out.  That’s happened to me three times this month, with three different authors!  I’ve already scoured the internet for used copies and no dice.  They’re all too expensive for my poor/cheapskate self.  Alas.   What options to I have?  Move on and read something else while the saga gets old and moldy and forgotten in my bewilderingly cluttered brain?  Sit in a benevolent bookstore and just read the whole book without buying it?  I actually tried that last one, but I find that I don’t have the patience to sit there long enough.  I wonder if I’m in the way.  I wonder if people can tell just by looking at me reading for 6 hours on end that I’m a poor cheapskate.   More importantly, I can’t really fulfill my reading needs while sitting in a bookstore.  I need things when I read.  Things like chocolate pie.  My pillow.  To be able to sit comfortably reading without a bra on .  Can I have all of these things in a benevolent bookstore?   No I can’t, and so that option is out.   […]

The Taste of Raspberries vs the Smell of a Wet Dog

 As you may have heard, astronomers searching for amino acids in space have located molecules of ethyl formate, the chemical responsible for the taste of raspberries, in the center of the Milky Way.  The story became an immediate hit, especially the Guardian headline, "Galaxy’s center tastes of raspberries, smells of rum, astronomers say." It’s exactly this sort of thing that makes me marvel at the nature of the world I live in — both for the story itself and for that glorious headline.  (Seriously, someone should get an award for that one.) While it’s not the smoking gun that finding amino acids would be — molecules that might seed life one other planets — it certainly has the effect of making deep space seem more friendly. After all, nothing that tastes like raspberries could be all that bad. Unless you hate raspberries. Sure, the galaxy’s center is cold and airless, and were I to be teleported directly there I would freeze solid, explode or suffocate in seconds —  but, mmm…. raspberries. The taste of raspberries and the smell of rum make the center of the galaxy sound inviting — more inviting than my own home, which currently smells of wet dog (and you could not pay me enough to taste it).  This is why we dream of the Galaxy Far, Far Away, or of boldly going where no man has gone before — the possibilities are limitless and enticing. Yet, even with all our books and speculations of what might be out there, the reality can still surprise us.   The taste of raspberries.  Really? Really?  The truth may not always be stranger than fiction, but it has its moments. […]

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Geek Dance Party — The Saga Begins

 "In the land of geeks, the man with the hot girlfriend who makes him sandwiches is king."  Despite the fact that the person who uttered these words is no longer a part of my life (and oh, what a glorious thing that is), those words occurred to me this morning, and I started to think about the oft-mocked world of geek dating.      I have a choice, here.  I can write advice for the ladies, or I can write advice for the guys.  Or I can make a jumbled attempt to throw in a little of both…which is probably going to happen even if I try to aim for one gender at a time.   […]

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xkcd Book to be Published This Summer!

Not since Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups has anything combined two things I love so much! My favorite webcomic,  xkcd, is finally going to be published in  *swoon* book form!  News is spreading across the web that webcomic creator Randall Munroe is  planning to publish a paper-and-ink book, "sometime around June." The first run will be only 10,000 and be sold through breadpig.   (Breadpig, Inc. was founded by Alexis Ohanian, one of the founders of the social-news Web site reddit, and the proceeds go to the charity Room to Read according to this New York Times article. Pardon my digression.) If that first run number seems awfully low to you (as it does to me) you can ensure that you are notified when it is available by signing up for breadpig’s mailing list.  They promise your email will not be sold, bartered or SPAMed. I must go survey my Christmas list, to see how many copies I’ll need.   […]

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Life in an Insecure Universe

Since I’ve been living on my own (and because I’m single) I’ve gotten into the habit of arranging my television schedule in my head when all the new seasons and shows start in the fall.  Yes, I’m aware that I need more fullness in my life.    I’d figure out what I would be watching in the evenings on any given day during the week and stick to that schedule for the most part.  But the fall of 2007 was no different.  Or was it???  I have a point, I promise.               Two of my younger brothers started watching this show that had started its first season in the fall of 2007.  They really liked it and recommended it to me.  I think my excuse for not watching was that I had a day job and that the show was on too late for me to stay up to watch and be coherent the next morning.    Well, you know what?  I should have listened to them.  I’ll never, ever, ever say that and if anyone tells them I’ll deny it!  But, I should have listened to my brothers.  I also still have a day job.  In fact it’s an earlier-in-the-day job than my last day job was but I do my best not to allow it to interfere with my evening television.  Priorities people!               The show is called Life and it happens to star the wonderful, fantastic, and temptingly tackle-able Damian Lewis.  This, of course I didn’t realize until after the first season had aired, when Beatrice Blythe and I saw a picture of him in an ad for the show.  Beatrice shouted out, "Sweetums!  Look, it’s Soames!" referring to his nasty character in The Forsyte Saga which was the very first and only thing we had seen him in so far.   […]

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Engineer’s Guide to Cats

 This is an oldie, but a goodie. Ah, the I’m Not Paying Attention to You Game, I know it well. The Corporal Cuddling does not work with my kitty. He liked beging held like that. God help you if you try to pet him, though.

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Favorite Fictional TV Geek Boy Poll Closes This Week!

 That’s right, my dears! The current poll will be closing Friday, to make way for a new Poll next week.  Right now the top three are:Spencer Reid, Boy genius of Criminal MindsAlec Hardison, Master Geek of LeverageThe Tenth Doctor, Time Lord and kinetic Super-Geek of Doctor Who  If your Favorite Geek Boy is down in the rankings, this is your chance to boost him up. Mobilize your clan of Pushing Daisies Ned-lovers! Think the brilliant werewolf, George, form Being Human  needs some fangirling? You’d better get to it!GeekaChicas will be running a special video treat featuring the final top three, so vote for your favorites.   […]

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