Oh, I guarantee you I have tickets.  Tomorrow night, at 11:59pm, I will be bouncing in my seat in anticipation of this new movie – for some reason, the theaters around here have what would be a "12:01" showing at 11:59 because Louisiana needs to be special.  I, like many others, have finally come to accept that movie Marvel storylines are in a different universe than comic Marvel storylines.

But oh, my Lord.  As much as I’m ready for some ass-kicking action with a bunch of the characters I so very much wanted in the other movies…I’m also afraid.  Very, very afraid.


This movie, despite its potential to be fantastic, also has a dangerously strong potential to be EPIC, WORLD-ENDING FAIL.  I’m pretty kind to most of the movies I see, but there are certain aspects of the Wolverine movie on which I absolutely will not compromise.


1.        Ryan Reynolds.  I do not trust him to do anything.  Seriously.  I wouldn’t let that man wash my car.  He’s got a lot to prove in my book, since finding out he was in the movie was like being socked in the stomach.


2.       Gambit.  More specifically, GAMBIT’S ACCENT.  Such huge fail potential.  Many, many actors have attempted the Cajun accent, and for the most part, they have failed.  Miserably.  I’m sure from what I’ve seen in the trailers that the Gambit style is not at risk, but I have yet to hear the man speak a single word.


I can’t help but be nervous over these two particular points.  There are a million other things that are cause for worry, but those are my Big Two.  We’ll see how they end up, but in the meantime, I’m just going to be overly nervous.


Let’s all join together in a dance to please the movie gods so that I don’t have to have every chuck-able object moved out of my reach to prevent me from trying to vent directly at the movie.  It’s happened – Bowling for Columbine, political debates….


Let’s just all do the dance for the movie gods, okay?  For all our sakes.