Knowing Poster


If you are on the Belief in God Scale from agnostic to Billy Graham, do not watch Knowing without a jacket, friend, or something else behind which you can hide. However, if you were not planning to watch Knowing because you’re afraid it’s another eco-save-the-earth-where-the-crap-is-Captain-Planet picture, I can assure you that you have no reason to worry.



At least, don’t watch it without having some idea of what you’ve gotten yourself into…this isn’t just about freaky numbers. This movie is about the Apocalypse…except there’s not really any Rapture, so even ministers have to die.


Actually, now that I think of it, it’s sort of like if you took the Apocalypse and Noah’s ark and Eden, shoved them into a blender, and hit "Nicholas Cage-ify."



Sprinkle liberally with scary shots of loud music and freaky little children, and you’ve got a movie that manages to be terrifying without being a horror movie. The trailers don’t lie. It’s not filled with things jumping out at you, blood and gore, or vengeful spirits. It’s just all around terrifying as hell.


For those of you who’ve read Clarke’s Childhood’s End, you may have some idea what I mean. That book literally kept me awake at night.. I’m reading a collection of Lovecraft right now with absolutely no trouble. In the Mouth of Madness is one of my favorite movies. I love horror; I like seeing images transposed onto the screen. Maybe it’s a mental roller coaster. Knowing takes the chill of Childhood’s End and puts it into audio-visual format..and then freaks you out to the core while avoiding turning into a horror movie.


If you’re analytical enough, you might be able to look through the movie and find the symbolism in this story. Now that I’m looking back on it, there are several parts I absolutely must analyze with the help of my book on symbols and signs and my NRSV Bible. However, last night, that was the furthest thing from my mind.


It’s a good movie. Don’t get me wrong; it’s impressive as a film, although confusing in some parts. I could never figure out what day it was, and I have no idea how long Nicolas Cage continues his crazy drunk professor thing before stuff starts going down. There was more than one "Why are you going in there?! Douche, get AWAY from that thing" scene. Otherwise, it’s a solid movie. It’s just also disturbing in a way that no one’s seen for a while. It returns true suspense and true terror to the big screen.


Rating: 3.5 chicas