It has happened to every one of us at one time or another.  Probably multiple times.  But let me tell you about a television show that I actually am okay with getting sucked into. 


What I mean by ‘sucked into’ is when you’re sitting comfortably in your easy chair, enjoying some after dinner ice cream as Ugly Betty, or My Name is Earl, or CSI Saskatchewan, ends, gives you the preview for next weeks fun filled episode and then the next fun filled show starts that you don’t generally watch for reasons that were perfectly clear and understandable to you as a fan  *glares at Grey’s Anatomy*.  But you don’t change the channel in time, or the remote has been pulled in to the recesses of your man-eating couch yet again.  Something on this previously unwatched show makes you laugh, or a mystery arises that captures your interest and before you know it, ka-POW!, you’re sucked in and you end up staying up past your bedtime.  


This is what happened to myself and the lovely Beatrice Blythe with what is now a beloved show called 30 Rock.  Beatrice and I watch The Office regularly on Thursday evenings because it is so very choice.  30 Rock is on right after and is cleverly written enough that it caught our interest around the time all the shows were coming back after the Winter Hiatus of Doom. 


It is, in a word, hilarious but not because of Tina Fey – oh no people *wiggles pointer finger*.  In fact, Tina Fey’s character, Liz Lemon, is the most normal and stable of the entire cast of characters. 


No, the one credited with making Beatrice and I laugh until we roll our eyes and have to dig around for a clean pair of underpants is non other than the slightly crazy!Alec Baldwin.  


The man is so good with his comedic timing.  Lately his character has been partnered with a love interest played by Salma Hayek and the two of them together have been absolutely brilliant.  Salma has left the show for now but I am just praying that she comes back because I love her so very very much!   The actors and the writing are absolutely amazing.  


Last week’s episode consisted of Alec as Jack Donaghy taking over the entire staff of the 30 Rock studio just so he could come up with a marketable, inoffensive name for a portable, miniature, microwave oven.  One of the ideas for it was "Port-a-Hottie" which made me laugh so hard that I had to remember it and I HAD to think of something to associate with it so I would have an excuse to use it on a daily basis. 


Beatrice suggested using it for our hot celebrity guys we love even though they are short.  Brilliant!   I have officially claimed Daniel Radcliffe as my Port-a-Hottie!  Beatrice mentioned something about James MacAvoy.  It can be any guy you happen to fancy as long as he’s 5’7" or under. 


So, who’s your Port-a-Hottie?  And while we’re at it, what show managed to suck you in until you started watching it habitually?  Hmmm? I have a few suggestions for anyone who happens to be stumped on the subject.  Oh, and go and check out 30 Rock.