We are getting there guys!  I can feel it.  I can almost smell it!  I can see the light at the end of that chokingly dark tunnel of awards season awfulness where the lack of film entertainment sucks out the veritable souls of any science fiction/fantasy fan/comic book fan.  


There were a few exceptions of course.  The last film I went to see was Taken, which falls under the category of "Kick Ass Action", and therefore was very entertaining and satisfying.  Plus, I do enjoy me some Liam Neeson even when he’s not wielding a lightsaber at someone.


There was also Australia, Valkyrie, and a few comedies thrown in there. 


But the situation has grown serious.  We, as nerds who understand the concept of warp drive and spend our time in wardrobes looking for Narnia, NEED some sustenance!  Our brains are melting from the realistic dramas that always steal awards out from under the good movies.  The movies people pay money to  see, and then pay more money to go and see again.  Ugh!  I am severely irked by that.  But that is another post entirely. 


(Film Awards and the Blatant Stupidity Behind Them …   I may just attack that on a later date.)


Anyway…Kicking off the 2009 spring/summer film season is, of course, the greatly anticipated film Watchmen.  I must not be as nerdy as I once thought.  I remember seeing the teaser to this film ages and ages ago with the guy that gets zapped in that electrical field and the ship coming out of the water and all that…stuff.  I had no idea what the hell it was.  No idea.  It looked weird and artsy-fartsy to me. *coughcoughTheFountaincough*  I didn’t realize it was a super hero film until I saw a full trailer a month or more later.  But THEN I thought it was going to be silly because I saw the Night Owl’s pointy, caped, outfit.  Heh.  Come on now!  It’s just so…pointy.

Night Owl In All His Pointy Glory

My brother has since then set me straight on some stuff about this story.  These are vague details that I don’t consider spoilery but if you’ve been succeeding in not learning anything about this film except the fact that it looks cool and want to continue doing so then don’t read any further.


According to Sean, my brother who has read the entire graphic novel, the only one of these people that you see running around in costumes and masks that actually has power is that Glowing Blue Guy.  I believe his name is Doctor Manhattan.  The rest of them are human, ninja vigilantes.  Remind you of anyone?  Well, how lame is that!  But the story is supposed to be fantastically awesome.  Who am I to argue with millions of comic book nerds? 


I’m sure it will do well.  It looks like the fun, new, action-packed, enough-compute- graphics-to-make-your-eyes-bleed, science fiction film that we’ve been needing for these past winter months.  In fact, if I were a betting woman, I would bet on it doing well because it seems to be the only film worth going to see this weekend. 


I looked up the list of films being released and Watchmen is the only one I recognized, surprisingly enough.  It is going to cream the competition this weekend, among which is:

 Horsemen Poster

Horsemen – Starring Dennis Quaid whom I LOVE.  The title references the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  Fun subject, that. 

 Pheobe in Wonderland Poster

Phoebe in Wonderland – Starring Elle Fanning.  I’ll go out on a limb here without looking it up and say that she is Dakota Fanning’s little sister.  It is PG-13 so I’d go and see it first before you take the kiddies.  It is about a little girl who gets the part of Alice in Alice in Wonderland in her school play but her imagination gets in the way living her life and her ability to follow the rules.


Here’s the full list of films being released this weekend: