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Now, in general, I love any comic book movie.  Just the attempt to bring the characters further into the mainstream or to bring back nostalgic memories of old cartoons or to showcase the fact that Tony Stark needs to sample my company’s absinthe, be a hot, geeky, genius womanizer, and have a wild fling with me – uhm, I mean, Robert Downey Jr. looks good in a tux?  Yes, good save – is enough to get me through the door.  Throw in my adoration of all things comic-related, including online RPGs, and you’ve usually got yourself a winner in my book.


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Tony Stark needs to sample my company’s absinthe, be a hot, geeky, genius womanizer, and have a wild fling with me – uhm, I mean, Robert Downey Jr. looks good in a tux? 


I even liked the Hulk movie before the Edward Norton one.  The first Fantastic Four was decent (but seriously Jessica Alba, you should have gone for Dr. Doom).  The second one made my brain hurt.  It was bad, but it was tolerably bad.  Meaning I can watch it without feeling physically uncomfortable aside from the weddings and naked whoever they got to be the base for that CGI Surfer. 


One huge exception to my affection for comic book movies:  Spider-man 3.  Okay, Spider-Peter Parker flipping his Emo Hairman was cool.  Spider-man 2 was passable.  Sadly, Emo Hair Peter Parker makes me want to stab him with a flat iron.  The best part of this movie:  a YouTube video setting clips of Emo Hair Parker to "Shake Ya Ass."  I can no longer find the clip, unfortunately.


I’m not going to lie and say that I have this very high standard for comic book movies.  If I’m entertained and they bring back childhood memories, have lots of explosions, and have some questions concerning morality, I’m generally a happy camper.


What that means is this:  if you’re looking for someone to pick apart Watchmen piece by piece and whine about every single thing was left out, you’re looking in the wrong place.  It’s a movie, and I’m watching it like a movie.


Doctor Manhattan

Without giving too much away, I will say this:  there is too much blue penis.  However, this movie is absolutely beautiful.  On top of that, it uses the 300-style graphics tastefully, and the colors are extremely rich.  For those who don’t know anything about Watchmen, don’t expect a typical superhero movie.  Don’t expect a typical comic book movie.  Expect events to take place in a universe completely different from our own – a different time period and an alternate history.  If you don’t pick up on that, you’re going to have no idea what’s going on.  Also, don’t worry about it being some awkward Batman knock-off, despite that one shot in the trailer where it looks exactly like that.


I loved the movie.  I wasn’t worrying about making note of every little difference.  I love stories that take an altered view of history.  I do think that viewers who aren’t rabid readers or comic geeks might have some trouble picking up on some key story elements.  All in all, I enjoyed it.  I definitely think it brought a lot of the points across concerning "real world" consequences in "comic book" worlds…something that Hancock put forth a very good attempt at capturing.  Watchmen takes it further.  Awkward and flawed romances, flawed individuals, conspiracy theories…this film touches on every element which will likely capture your interest if you’re interested in anything more than a mindless action movie.  Not that it doesn’t have a bit of mindless action in it, as well.



Give Watchmen a chance.  I’m betting you’ll like it a lot more than you expect.


Rated 4.5 Chicas, because we didn’t have Buckets of Geek Drool.