Okay, I admit it. I’m much younger than other people in my position. I don’t understand Twitter although I have an account. In fact, my co-workers (who are all at least a decade older) have decided that I’ve already reached the point where I don’t understand the kids and their new-fangled fads and they should all get off my lawn.

But Second Life isn’t particularly new. I played the Sims when it first came out. I actually kind of liked it. I made towns of celebrities and had them date the characters I made for my friends and myself. At the same time, even though I could easily waste two four hours on the Sims and not realize it, the game still managed to give me a massive headache. Second Life sounded a lot like Sims. Except more complicated and with cash involved.



Well, I didn’t realize there was actually money involved until stories started showing up on teh intarwebs about the game causing people to divorce , therapists having actual sessions inside the thing , and people using it as a full-time job . It was the money aspect of it that caught my greedy entrepreneurial young eye. I started looking into how it worked. I had a plan to team up with a programmer friend of mine so that we could become Second Life black market arms dealers (or something equally as sleazy and amusing) to bolster our funds for buying shiny things savings accounts. Oh, we had quite a scheme. We researched it as much as we could.


Then came the moment of truth: we actually joined the game. Our immediate response was something between "WTF?!" and….more "WTF?!" Now, we were on the phone with one another trying to work everything out, but it became absolutely clear to us that even STARTING a "Second Life" was going to be more trouble than it was worth. Plus, it didn’t take long before both of us had the same kind of headaches we used to get from the Sims – only intensified. I’m sure it didn’t help that I was being virtually hit on by random, annoying guys who would continue to bug me if I didn’t respond within a minute. I’m a multi-tasker, kids! It’s not that I can’t keep up…it’s just that you’re boring the crap out of me!


So now that I’ve tried it out, I can ask this question based on my personal experience: what’s the deal with Second Life? It’s apparently popular among those older and younger than I. It’s apparently useful in some real world ways. It’s also apparently very addictive, maybe more so than World of Warcraft. I had a friend who flunked out of college and gave up getting laid lost girlfriends for World of Warcraft, so even though I don’t understand the draw, I’ve seen it happen. But Second Life seems to have no point. Or if it does, I just can’t figure it out. Nor do I have the time or energy to build up my "Second Life." It gives me a headache. You damn virtual kids better get off my lawn!