Heroes BannerI started out watching this episode with good intentions, low expectations, and a pen and pad of paper in my hands. I began taking notes scene-for-scene, just to help me remember what happened when and to whom.


That got old really fast.


I started writing down questions, relevant and otherwise. Unfortunately, I left the sheet of paper with these writings on it at home. I cannot say that I’m surprised — I never can remember to bring a grocery list I made with me to the store where it would actually be useful.


Two months have passed for our Heroes and Villains according to Nikki — I mean, Tracy — in the first scene of episode 3×14 (or 4×01 depending on how you look at it) titled "A Clear and Present Danger". That, of course, raised a bunch of questions. As I only watch the main show that airs on television I may have missed some details about what happened during those two months because I don’t go online and read the graphic novels or watch the other episodes with alternate characters. And you know, if they really wanted to make something like that entertaining and different from the show that airs on television they should go at it from a more comedic approach.


I have always wanted to have some sort of show or comic strip portraying the Super Power Rejects. For example, I have always wanted to have someone Goudacursed with the Midas Touch — only instead of gold, it would be cheese. Whatever said person touched would turn into cheese. He or she would be able to decide what kind of cheese, so it wouldn’t be a total loss.


Truthfully I would want to keep one of those people on retainer because I am a Gouda fiend! There is that and I would like to see the Super Sonic Fart power in action on screen. I’m sure it would look different from how I see it in my head.


But I digress.

Rather than focus on the questions this episode raised in my head, I’ll talk about the episode itself. 


 It could have been just me. Perhaps I was paying closer attention than others. Maybe I noticed more because I was really focused on it this time and I was writing things down about it. Whatever it was, this episode struck me as different. And trust me, different is good — because if it is different from the previous episodes we have seen last season (and the season before that) it has to be better, at the very least.


There was a general feel of focus to this episode very much contrasting the feel of previous episodes that just seemed to meander for an hour between the commercials. The editing and workings of the episode were consistent with that focus as well. The audience was reintroduced to the characters one or two at a time and then what were we hit with but a PLOTLINE? I was floored! There was a plot introduced and focused on in this episode. Miracles truly can happen, it seems.


Not only was it a plot but it was a good plot. Again with the good feel to this episode. Our Heroes are seeing the beginnings of persecution from those who fear and don’t understand them. It’s a classic story line but one thing it took the writers forever to realize is that the classic story lines still work.


Though the motivations of this new and deeply hypocritical villain Nathan has become (I’m still saying it’s an evil twin that Angela forgot to lock up when she left the attic last.) and of a couple of the other characters (*coughSylarcough*) are still unclear, the story itself is fitting and can be frightening if the writers play their cards right.


The only thing that doesn’t move me at all, ever, is Claire. I’m not sure if it’s Miss Hayden’s acting ability (or lack thereof) that causes her to emote the same way Every. Single. Episode. or if it’s the way the director(s) want her to be. Seriously, it’s kind of Draco Malfoy-ish, which is just awful in itself. She is also getting to be so shrill. I am curious as to how she sounds normally from day to day when she speaks because I’m pretty sure that Milo [insert long Italian name here] wouldn’t still be with her if she really sounded like that.


And THAT means that she’s sounding like that on purpose when she plays Claire. Again, who’s fault is this?


Also — and this is not her fault at all – she has gone from looking like a plastic mannequin to looking like a Barbie doll. Her makeup was paint-by-numbers weird last night, and her hair looked as though if someone lit a cigarette near it it would have spontaneously combusted.

Putting all that aside though, I just find her character not believable at all. If it were anybody else, I would have believed more of what went on in that plane ride at the end of the episode. Once Peter and Suresh got going, I got more comfortable with the concept. But Claire? Being smart? And beating up a full grown man twice her height? Sorry, no.


However, back to the episode itself. I would like to send a message to Tim Kring: I’ll keep watching, for now.


(Maybe if the plane crashed on the LOST island [that place is always hopping] it would make an even cooler twisty plot line! Yes/No?)