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Confessions of a Completely Justified Shopaholic

  I hang out with a lovely group of confident, single women.  They’re normal girls with careers and hopes and dreams, much like me.  We do normal things together like watch movies, go out to eat, and shop for clothes.  The conversation is funny and sharp, and I love these girls.  […]

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Beatrice Blythe’s Oscar Report

 I’ve been reading all of the reviews of last night’s telecast. I feel possessed to write my own in the same style. Please forgive me the cheese. I will now give after-the-fact commentary in a completely incomplete and disjointed way. (Note, I haven’t seen ANY of the movies up for Best Picture. Weeeeheee!!!) Darth Sweetums and […]

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Yaoi Anime Reviews Part One: Shounen-ai

 The world of anime is vast and confusing. Just picking up an anime title at random is dangerous, because like that box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. That’s why I’m reviewing Yaoi in stages,  by specific content parameters. I will only list and review what I have seen.  In the […]

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Coraline is freaking creepy.  I consider that a good thing.  My kids enjoyed it thoroughly — one in spite of the creepy, and one entirely because of it. I believe this is a sign of my excellent genes and superior parenting skills. Well, okay. Maybe not. But still, I love a good story that doesn’t back away from real peril and horror just because it’s for kids (and, to be honest, it is entirely possible that Coraline is scarier to adults than to children). That is exactly the reason so much of children’s entertainment is unforgivably stupid and bland. (The same is true of entertainment for grown-ups — nearly all of it is either stupid or bland, and most of it is both. But that is another rant.) […]

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Heroes: Fresh New Start

I started out watching this episode with good intentions, low expectations, and a pen and pad of paper in my hands. I began taking notes scene-for-scene, just to help me remember what happened when and to whom. That got old really fast. I started writing down questions, relevant and otherwise. Unfortunately, I left the sheet of […]

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It Delivers What It Promises

Two Angry Camels In A Car (seen on BoingBoing today)   

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